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ŠKODA Brake Service, Replacement, Diagnostics Brisbane

Driving your car and noticed your Brakes are feeling funny or sounding louder than normal? Every wondered - what if there was a problem with my Brakes? Statistically speaking, every motorist on Australian roads who have kept the same car for more than 4 years has felt the same way! Have no fear, the team at ŠKODA Service Centre Brisbane can help! We specialize in all things ŠKODA and Brakes! We can Repair, Diagnose and Service your Brakes using factory repair methods and procedures. 

We can Diagnose all electrical issues too, we also in most instances offer our in house repair service. ABS Brake module faults are very common in the Volkswagen Group range - symptoms can range from ABS and Traction lights on the dash to pulsating brake pedal feel - and it is no different whether you drive a Octavia, Fabia, Karoq, Kodiaq, etc. we can fix these. Simply book in for a diagnostic to ensure it is a module fault, then enquire about our in house repair service to these modules, we typically save clients over 50% off dealership pricing and offer a 2 year hassle free warranty on these ABS Module Repairs all in our ŠKODA Brisbane Service Centre. 

We specialize in;

ŠKODA Brake Replacements                                                 

Brake Pad Replacements

ŠKODA Brake Diagnostics                                                     

ABS Diagnostics                                                                         

Brake fluid flushing                                                                       

ŠKODA Brake Upgrades                                                     

Brake Noises                                                                                 

Ceramic Brake Options                                                               

Track Brake Upgrades                                                                 

Brake Line Manufacture                                                       

ABS Brake Repair                                                                     

Brake Module Diagnostics                                                         

Brake Rotor Replacements

Brake Disc Replacements

Brake Calibrations

Brake Checks 

Brake Tune-up

Brake Machining

Electronic Park Brake Repair

Brake Shoes

Brake Drums

Handbrake Adjustment and Service

Electronic Brake Diagnostics

All in our state of the art Service Centre located in West End Brisbane, book your appointment today.

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