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We have been Servicing and Repairing Skoda's in Brisbane for over 30 years, our team have factory backed training and support to ensure your Skoda maintains at it's peak for life. We employ the highest caliber Technicians and Mechanics to ensure our clients vehicles are maintained with due care and skill. All our team undergo factory training aswell as additional training provided by Repco, Bosch, MTAQ etc. 

We ensure our Technicians stay up to date on advancing technologies and provide internal and external training every 3 months to ensure our strict guidelines are adhered too. If your Skoda requires a simple headlight bulb to a engine rebuild, rest assured - we've got you covered! 

We can carry out a range of service and repairs on your Skoda including but not limited too;

Skoda Servicing

Skoda Specialist Servicing

Skoda Diagnostics

Skoda Factory Software Updates

Skoda DSG Service

Skoda DSG Repair

Skoda Engine Tuning

Skoda DSG Tuning

Skoda Training

Skoda Fuel Filters

Skoda Cabin Filters

Skoda Brake Fluid

Skoda Brake Service

Skoda Brake Pads

Skoda Brake Rotors

Skoda Noise Repairs

European Car Specialist 

+ much more.

Finding yourself asking, where is a Mechanic in Brisbane who know's my Skoda Vehicle? Well, look no further, West End Service Centre are an independent Skoda Service Specialist in Brisbane. Call us today to enquire. 

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